Welcome to The Dot Experience!

APH’s vision since 1858 is an accessible world, with opportunity for everyone. As part of that vision, APH recently broke ground on The Dot Experience, a museum that welcomes everyone, sets the standard for accessibility, and will lead as a model museum of inclusivity and accessibility.

The Dot Experience – APH’s reimagined museum scheduled to open in 2025—is designed to change perspective about blindness through:

  • compelling first-person stories of blindness and the human experience that offer a view to the world of accessibility and APH’s role in that history;
  • cutting edge innovations of past, present, and future, conceived and created by and with people who are blind or low vision;
  • world-class treasures such as Helen Keller’s desk, a piano played by a young Stevie Wonder, a book published by Louis Braille in 1829, and the first guide dog harness;
  • an unprecedented set of inclusive design standards.

From manufacturing braille books centuries ago to creating lifechanging technology and products, The Dot Experience brings to life these American Printing House stories and more on a world stage. And it does so with inclusion, accessibly and innovation always at the forefront. By elevating equal opportunity, this museum ensures everyone has a seat at the table while changing attitudes about blindness and includes visitors in our efforts to break barriers in the world.

The Dot Experience Influencers

As we work to build the most accessible museum in the world, our goal is to showcase the people who have been influential in ensuring accessibility both within communities and across the world. In addition to the individuals featured in the Dot Experience, we want you to be able to honor your influencers, too. Learn more about our new fundraising initiative and how you can ensure your influencer’s legacy will be forever a part of The Dot Experience.